Drivers with Disabilities

A few months ago, a concerned mom suggested that Not Reaching customize a pouch for autistic drivers. This caring mom understood that when her son is pulled over for a traffic stop, her son feels anxious, nervous, and his reactions are considered suspicious by police officers. Having the, “Officer, I’m Autistic!” Not Reaching pouch alerts the officer of the driver’s disability and de-escalates the traffic stop.


Not Reaching understands that drivers with disabilities have the same fear of other motorists, and it is just as important to alert police officers of a driver’s disability before the traffic stop become escalated. Not Reaching also has the following customized pouches:

  • Officer, I’m Deaf!

  • Officer, I’m Autistic!

  • Officer, I Have a Medical Marijuana License!

  • Officer, I Have a License to Carry a Firearm!

Let’s continue to keep those who are disabled safe during traffic stops. To see the customized Not Reaching pouches and to place an order, please click the “Learn More” button.