'Not Reaching' A SOLUTION

A solution to the fatal traffic stops experienced particularly by young, minority males throughout the country.  Not Reaching! is a revolutionary identification system that allows motorists to remain stationary in their vehicles during a traffic stop by eliminating reaching for identification by the request of law enforcement.  Not Reaching is a start to a safe traffic stop and helps to de-escalate a tense situation.

We are trying, now they need to try.
— D.L. Hughley

'Not Reaching' on CBS 42 Morning News

"Not Reaching" card up close


The device comes off the air vent providing easy accessibility for law enforcement
- no more reaching!

eliminates the uncertainty and danger of reaching for your required documents:  driver's license, registration, and insurance card.

Clips to your air vent for easy access during a traffic stop. 

Not Reaching has given me comfort in knowing I’ve potentially eliminated one traffic stop issue
— Dwayne, New York